Changes, stress, and inspiration

So, it’s been like FOREVER since a posted on here. My life has been pretty stressful. My family recently moved to Texas and we’ve had lots of transitions! I am so grateful for the blessing of having my essential oils in the whole process. Balance and Serenity blends have been invaluable in helping me to reduce my anxiety and calm my nerves enough to help me to sleep. We were also hit with a nasty virus upon moving here that lingered for a month and went through the whole family. It is always concerning when getting viruses and having no insurance and add that to not knowing any doctors or even what hospital are good in the area. The symptoms we had were fever, sore throat, which turned to swollen glands and earaches, and a persistent cough. I found that OnGuard and melaleuca were saving graces, as well as peppermint. OnGuard rubbed on the front of the neck with melaleuca, as well as melaleuca behind and in the ears for earache, peppermint pull in the mouth to numb the sore throat and behind ears to help assist there and with fever. Oh! I also couldn’t have lived without frankincense! Frankincense has many properties but in this case, it is awesome at reducing inflammation- so for the swollen glands it worked wonderfully. I also put diluted oregano on the bottom of feet for antibiotic properties to kill anything bacteria. For cough and congestion we used Breathe and eucalyptus, which always helps. After a month of passing it around, we were glad to be healthy again!

Anyway, lots of new changes going on and my husband and I are collaborating on getting our vision cemented with creating and owning our own wellness center that will combine my love for essential oils and other natural healing tools, and his love for mentoring, life coaching, etc. It’s very possible I will end up changing this site to reflect our business name soon and reflect our shared vision. Hopefully, that will mean I will be more on the ball about posting regularly! :)

In the meantime:Love-In-Sand-Love-Full-HD-Wallpaper-1024x768

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Bee/Wasp Stings

Today my poor 7-year-old got stung by a what we think was a bee. She came in shaking and crying and in a lot of pain. I immediately put some Purify on her and it took the pain down enough so that she was no longer crying. After about 5 minutes I put on some lavender oil and within minutes all the sting was gone. She’s got quite a reaction as you can see and hopefully with some more applications you won’t even be able to tell it happened! :)

Some details on Purify: This is doTERRA’s cleansing blend and is awesome to use for cleaning and making laundry smell great, but it also works wonderfully for insect bites. Anything from ants, spiders, bees, wasps, and even to neutralize the itch from mosquitoes. I have used it for all of those things, besides spiders. Fortunately, we haven’t had any spider bites. This blend consists of lemon, lime, pine, citronella, melaleuca, and cilantro oil.

I’m SO grateful for the ability to immediately help my children when things like this happen and that they don’t have to suffer for hours in pain from the sting, like I remember doing when I was a kid!

Just another reason to have essential oils in your medicine cabinet!

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Eczema and Healing

I have a good friend whose son recently had an awful eczema outbreak. It caused me to do a lot of researching and thinking and mentoring with her to try to find a solution for healing. Please be mindful that I am not a medical professional,  just an avid alternative medicine finder, and my foremost mandate is to always follow your gut instincts – if you feel you need to go to a doctor and get on steroids, etc. then please follow that, but try natural medicine first if possible! :)

A couple things to consider when dealing with eczema:

1. Everyone has a different body chemistry; so what works for one, might not work for you.

2. Eczema means something internally is out of balance. It could be allergies – food or environment. It could be candida; a yeast build-up. Or it could be toxins built up in your system. It could even mean your pH balance is out of whack or your lymphatic system is congested.

In order to get to the root of the problem, it might take some experimenting or it might take going to a holistic doctor, or as my friend ended up doing, a chiropractor that specializes in allergies and eczema who did muscle testing to determine her son was allergic to wheat, dairy, corn, and sugar. After trying everything natural she could, he wasn’t getting any better and needed to have a 4 day course of steroids to stop the “war” going on in his body. I’m so grateful for the blessings of all modern medicine, both traditional and alternative. We need them both, but I do my best to aid the body in it’s own natural healing first if I can. I truly believe the body has the power to heal itself. Steroids are a last resort in my mind, as they can cause a lot of damage with long-term use and don’t address the root cause of the problem, thereby making it so you have to keep using them in order to manage the eczema.

With all that said, my recommendations for eczema healing are:

1. Eat a clean diet! Cleanse with green smoothies or the doTERRA GX Assist, followed up with the PB Assist. The GX removes the harmful pathogens in your digestive tract, and the PB puts in the good probiotics. Other products to consider would be the Zendocrine, which detoxes or “filters” your liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin. Another good one is Terrazyme, which is your digestive enzymes. Stick to a diet of fruits, vegetables, brown rice, beans, and nuts. Lean meats are okay, but give yourself at least 3- 5 days of cleansing, especially if your diet is normally high in sugar and carbs. Drink lots of water as well. I would add a drop of lemon oil under the tongue every morning too.

Sidenote: It’s VERY possible that your eczema is a result of food allergies. Unfortunately, food allergies are becoming more and more prevalent- which is a whole other topic. The most common culprits are wheat, dairy, and corn. Sugar is a white poison, so is also something we should all stay away from. Stevia is a good substitute. If you do a clean diet, you can slowly add in these foods to see if you react to them. Do one at a time. Pay attention to how you feel, as well as looking for eczema outbreaks. If you get tested and find out you ARE allergic to one or more foods, don’t panic. It doesn’t mean it’s a life sentence.

2. Take a good whole food supplement. doTERRA’s Life Long Vitality pack is perfect for this. It will provide your body with not only the nutrients it needs, but also all the botanical extracts and omega fatty acids it needs.

3. Essential oils with fractionated coconut oil. Fractionated is important because it helps the oils to penetrate deeper into the skin, whereas regular coconut oil with still have benefits but will leave the oil to sit mostly on the surface of the skin. doTERRA sells the fractionated. The essential oils you want to start with are melaleuca and helicrysum. Helicrysum is a more expensive oil, but invaluable. You can also try mixing a blend of melaleuca, lavender, and geranium. Put this mixture on the eczema often throughout the day to keep moist and alleviate itching.

4. An eczema outbreak is usually triggered by something external that then reacts the internal and manifests itself in the skin. The external trigger might be an allergen, but it also could very well be emotional. Is there a lot of stress in your life? Do you feel like your boundaries are being crossed? Are you irritated by someone/thing in your life? An oil that can help is Serenity. Diffuse and breathe it in to help alleviate the emotional conflicts. Another good exercise to help get out the emotions is to write down how you are feeling in a journal and follow up with writing all the good things in your life, specifically all the ways you are free to choose your path in life and the supporting people around you. Be grateful for those things. How are you feeling now?

Finally, if you try all these things and nothing is helping to alleviate the eczema, then you need to see either a medical doctor, a holistic practitioner, or some other avenue that will be able to more specifically and quickly narrow in on the root problems  and/or get the outbreak in control enough so that the natural medicines can do their job and get you healed.

Blessings to you on your path to healing! :)

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